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VOCATIONAL TRAINING Locations & Xavier Rguez Josefina

Arts, letters No 541 and 542 . Paper Craft Workshop qualification.

Awards received

  • 2010, Certamen Antonio Fraguas Fraguas. Selección de 2 Tapices e adquisición de Obra
  • 2005, Certamen ?Son Únicos? de la Asociación de Creadores Textiles de Madrid. Premio a la  mejor Obra de Creación Textil .
  • 2004, Certamen de Artesanía Antonio Fraguas Fraguas . Adquisición de Obra
  • 2003, Certamen Caja de Jaén de Artesanía. Primer Premio  Modalidad  Tapices y Textiles.
  • 2000, Certamen Caja de Jaén Obra premiada con  accésit.
  • 1999, 1º Certamen de Artesanía Antonio Fraguas Fraguas           -Selección de 3 Tapices e adquisición de Obra
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VOCATIONAL TRAINING Locations & Xavier Rguez Josefina

Arts, letters No 541 and 542 . Paper Craft Workshop qualification. -Course Textile handicrafts As Obradoiro not Urdideiras (Vigo).   Duration 30h.Subvencionado pola Xunta de Galicia.   - Course in Damask Fabrics   Ourense.Duración 30h. Concepts-Course   Basic Weavers   A Coruña. Duration 40 hours. -Course   improving   Craft fabric. Tarrasa Duration 160 hours. -Course Theory of Fabrics in Asturias. Duration 56h.   Course on "Teaching Metodoloxia. Ferrol.Duración 150 h. Gobelin tapestry-Course Obradoiro not Barcelonés Clement Condor.     Duration 260h. Funded pola Xunta de Galicia. Perfeccionamento-course of Gobelin tapestry with Clemente Condor.     Barcelona. Duración260h.Subvencionado pola Xunta de Galicia. Artistic Debuxo-course taught by Carmen Quiñoa. BT "font-weight: normal"> -2 ª Xorn Traditional. Tecido Crafts. Stgo. De Compostela (Faculty of Geography and History) "Oil Painting Course taught by Carmen Quiñoa. Creative Activation-Course Faculty of Philosophy promoted da pola    University of   Santiago do baixo to supervision staf   Master do lang = "PT">     Applied Creativity International Total (MICAT). Applied Design-Course at Craft, given by   Jose Ortiz. Initiation-Course   Photoshop and Illustrator, given by   Ignacio Romero and Montse Malvido K Hall Photography Association do EIS   da Coruña. Duration 30h. - Course of Textile Art Restoration Carpets & Tapestries, Shop the Fernandez (Madrid) .100 h   Exposition

1985 · Living City Council of Cedeira do.

12pt "> 1986 ·   "1 ª Xorn   do Tecido "Vigo. Collective.

1987 ° Ferrolano Casino. Collective.

1988 ? Hotel Araguaney (Santiago). Collective. Caixavigo. Collective ..

1989 font-family: "Futura Lt BT", "lang =" PT "> · Pub Metate (Santiago).

Gateway 1991 · Michelangelo (Madrid). EMI-9. Miami (USA).

1993 · As Torres Santa Cruz (Oleiros, A Coruña). Ateneo Ferrolano. Collective.

9pt; font-family: "Futura Lt BT", "> 1994 · Casa de Galicia in Madrid. Colectiva. AA.VV. Ventorrillo. A Coruña.

          · Café Macondo. A Coruña. Hercules Cortines.

lang = "PT">          · Restaurant Refuge. Oleiros.

          · Living Concello Culleredo Exposicions do.

1995 · Craft and Design Centre. Lugo.

         · Municipal Board. Ferrol.

          · Casino Ferrolano. Collective.

          · House Charry. Oleiros.

1996 · SalaMunicipal. As Pontes.

line-height: 12pt ">           · Contest Caja de Jaen.

1997 · Municipal Board. Carral.

Traveling Collective Plantexamentos 98/99 · Arbore. Galicia.

           ? 1 º Contest Craft Antonio Smithies Smithies (A Coruña).

Choice of 3 Tapestries and acquisition work.

2000 · Lt BT ";"> Competition Smithies Smithies, choice of work.

         Contest Box Jaén · Work awarded second prize.

         · Center Craft and Design (Lugo). Collective.

Jaén Box 2003 · Craft Fair. Selected Works

Craft Fair 2004 ? Antonio Smithies Smithies. Procurement of Works.

"Futura Lt BT", "> 2005 · Show" are only "of the Association of Textile Artists Madrid.

     Award for Best Work of Textile Building.

2006 · Instituto Cervantes in Utrecht (Netherlands). Exhibition "Textiles Hispanic."

- Circle of Artisans (A Coruña).

- Gallery Bakery (A Coruña).

2010 · Bueu Concello Municipal Board

Lt BT "">                   -Municipal Room   Concello A Illa de Arousa

                  -Regional Centre Salnés (Cambados)

                  -Ateneo Corredoira, Combarro, Poio (Pontevedra)  

  "18pt">   Paintings in Museums and Coleccións

  · Concello of As Pontes de G ª Rodríguez. (Coll of three tapestries).

  · City Council of Minho (dous Tapestry Collection).

  · Concello Ortigueira (nove Tapestry Collection).

  · City Council of Arbo (dous Tapestry Collection).

BT "">   · City Council of Ponteareas (Collection of three tapestries).

  · City Council of Ares.

  · Concello de Cambre.

  · City Council of Carballo.

  · Concello Culleredo.

"Futura Lt BT" ">   · City Council of Sada.

  · Concello Narón.

  · font-family: "Futura Lt BT"; "> City Council of Lourenzá.

  · Collection Hercules Cortines.

  · Museum Arqueolóxico da Coruña.

  · Real Academia de Bellas Artes. A Coruña.

  · Foundation Eugenio Granell.

  · Lt BT ";"> Celas Ethnographic Museum Tower. Culleredo.

  · Hon. Diputación da Coruña. (Collection of Tapestries dous).

  · College of Attorneys. A Coruña.

9pt; font-family: "Futura Lt BT" ">   · Official College of Veterinarians. A Coruña.

  Amigos dos Museums · Association. A Coruña. (Collection of Tapestries dous).

  · Obra Socio Cultural Caja de Jaén. (Collection of Tapestries dous).

  Twinning Committee · Lesneven-As Pontes. (France).

  · Parliament of Galicia. (Collection of Tapestries dous).

  Galega pola · Federation Maritime and Fluvial Cultural.


Award and Prizes

line-height: 12pt ">  

1996 - Competition Case-Jaén. Selected Works.

1999-1 º Certamen Antonio Forge Forge Crafts

          3-Selection and acquisition of Work Tapestries

font-family: "Futura Lt BT", "> 2000 - Exhibition of Crafts Box Jaén. Selected Works

         Craft-Contest Antonio Smithies Smithies. Selected Works.

         Jaén-Contest Work Fund awarded   second prize.

2003 - Exhibition of Crafts Box Jaén. First Prize   Mode   Tapestry Textiles.

2004 - Exhibition of Crafts Antonio Smithies Smithies. Procurement of Works

2005 - Show "are only" of the Association of Textile Artists Madrid. Award

  Textile best creative work.

2006-Competition Smithies Smithies, selection of 2 works.

line-height: 12pt; "> 2010 - Competition Antonio Smithies Smithies.

2 Selection and acquisition Tapestries Work

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